Photography can fix eternity in a moment.
Henry Cartier-Bresson


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Nicola and Cinzia, professionals and enthusiasts of photography intended as an art in the service of all requirements, have been able to personalize each shot during the course of their 32 years of career. Always favoring their passion, they have known how to follow the evolution of photography, living through the transition from analog to digital and its gradual technical change, without ever having modified the naturalness of their shots, yet nevertheless maintaining them authentic, unique and stylishly inimitable


The technique
This journey through the evolution of photography has always been accompanied by a desire to grow through numerous professional workshops and master classes held during the course of their careers.
Just as an artist paints and makes his work unique and special, a true photographer makes his work recognizable. And this is exactly what Nicola and Cinzia create ... masterpieces of style identifiable in their technique and therefore inimitable.


The statement: "Equipment and technology are only the beginning: it is the photographer that counts more than anything" by John Hedgecoe (award winning British photographer), is as true as can be in the art of photography performed with passion and dedication. Because it is the human component that distinguishes the standard product from a masterpiece, the passion that renders a shot, otherwise banal, an object of care and attention to detail, is the soul that turns a photographer into an artist.

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